The Best Place To Relax and Watch The Game

The Over Under Bar is a great place to grab a drink and watch your favorite sporting event. Whether you are looking for a place to relax and grab a drink, or somewhere to have an amazing time with your friends, we’ve got you covered. Drink, be merry, and watch sports with us!

One of The Most Popular Places Inside Baldini's

The Over Under Bar is a sports bar that naturally attracts sports fans with thirsty tourists and locals. Offering knockout drink specials and all of your favorite sporting events on several Flatscreen TVs, Over Under is easily one of the most popular places inside the casino.

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are conveniently located right next to the Brickyard Bar & Grill, allowing you to order food right from the bar. It gets better, say you want to place a bet, that’s no problem either because the Sportsbook is just a few steps in the other direction! Now how’s that for a perfect pairing!

So Many TV's Your Head Will Spin

This isn’t some hoity-toity bar. Let’s just put that out there right now. Simply put, Over Under is where you go for a beer or your favorite cocktail to unwind and watch the day’s games. The Over Under Bar has enough large-screen TVs in and around it to rival Times Square… OK, maybe not that many, but considering we have a wall of screens mixed in with a large number of 50+ inch TVs, and more than 20 screens inside a 2,000+ square foot radius, it’s pretty dramatic. There’s not a bad seat in the house, and you don’t even have to come in to see the screen. The TVs face in every direction, including out to the main casino floor. So if you’re glued to slot machine, just turn around and make sure you peek-in every now-and-then to get your sports fix.

Baldini’s Sports Casino Reno

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Baldini’s Sports Casino Reno

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